About NoNotes.com

NoNotes.com is one of the world’s largest e-commerce transcription and call recording service providers. NoNotes.com works heavily in the education sector with many top tier universities but also has a wide range of corporate clients which include many Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2006 NoNotes.com has been featured on Mashable, CNN, MSNBC, Fortune and more.

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What people are saying…

“NoNotes.com allows me to search and quickly identify key points in lectures, class discussions and study groups which directly helps my study process and, in turn, boosts my GPA! The time I would spend navigating through my recordings was completely inefficient! I now have every word in MS Word format so I can search in seconds!

Thank you so much for this service!”

— Julia Harris, Harvard University

“I strongly recommend the service. It is a great way of cutting down time better spent when getting your doctorate!”

— Dr. Declan Hill, Best Selling Author, Award winning Journalist & Academic

Community Matters!

Fight For The Cure

NoNotes is proud to be a major sponsor and organizer for Fight For The Cure Charity Gala with proceeds going to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. For more information please visit the website here: www.fightforthecure.ca

Special Needs and Accessibility

NoNotes.com has many sponsorship programs including College and University Special Needs Centers. Contact us to learn more.

Making a Difference

Nonotes is a division of the 10Count Group of Companies which has several involvements with charities both local and global including, but not limited to, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Project Ashia which is dedicated to building Women’s Literacy centers and eye clinics in Cameroon, Bear Creek Sanctuary wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, and others.