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posted in 2009 | READ MORE
TechVibes is a student founded company that’s goal is to improve the way students throughout the world learn. Using NoNotes will allow you to focus on learning while in class without having to divide your attention to take notes.
posted on SEPTEMBER 19, 2008 | READ MORE
Speech-to-text No Problem at
There are headsets and recording programs out there today that can assist with difficult tasks for some, but the note-taking process remains relatively unchanged. My last EDC blog entry surrounded a program called Qipit that borrowed qualities of what we know as ‘optical character recognition’.
posted on august 10, 2009 | READ MORE
Students Use NoNotes In Classes
At least 11 students, and perhaps professors, at the University of Richmond are using, an online audio transcription service, according to Matt Whitteker, director of business development for
posted on september 9, 2009 | READ MORE
“NoNote” Taking, Just Listening
Sometimes, taking notes in class causes students to miss important lecture information.? is a new Web site designed to help college students avoid this?problem.
posted on September 3, 2009 | READ MORE
High Tech Realm: With New Technology Comes a New Way to Take Notes
Voice recorders are great for capturing lectures while snoozing,but why sit through the class a second time to make sure your notes match up? Thanks to the miracles of transcription technology, you can "set it, and forget it," when it comes to learning. Well, actually I mean forget about staying up in class -- not the lessons.
posted on september 21, 2009 | READ MORE
Time To Toss Out The Notebook?
You show up to the first day of class ready to tackle the new school year. As your professor begins to lecture, you suddenly realize that you are still in summer mode. You find that you can’t focus enough to take quality notes and can barely understand what is going on. However, if you have a voice recorder and around $9.95 to spend on each hour of class, you may not have to stay in the dark.
posted on september 21, 2009 | READ MORE
Multi-tasking Made Easy with
Are you finding it difficult to take detailed notes and listen attentively to instruction at the same time? Tackling college fresh out of high school or even getting back on the horse after a lengthy absence can be an overwhelming experience for anyone; that is, of course, if you don’t have the right tools necessary for success. Lucky for you we live in an electronic age, and once again, the Internet’s got you covered.
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