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All Vertical Proposals
Human Resources
Interview transcripts, Conferences
Grievance Management and documentation
Online Video or Audio transcription
Youtube, podcast,, etc...
Online Print & Copy Services
Two great VAS offerings (Staples proposal)
News Media
Interview transcription & translation
Corporate Uses
Lectures, Meetings, and Conferences
Interviews and Investigations
Teleconferences and Phone Calls
Manuals, Reports, and Other Projects
Special Needs
Distance/Online Learning
Athletic Department
Frats and Sororities
Claims Investigators
Call recording/transcribing
(Investigations, Captioned Reports, Statements & Interviews, Property, Casualty, and Liability Reports, General Correspondence, and Police Reports)
Web Development/Design
Web Site content translation services
Conferences & Events
Conference transcripts with resell function
Police Services
Interviews, investigation, Formatted Reporting