Academic Transcription

Students and instructors across the country are using’s academic transcription services to add new dimensions to the learning experience and complete important papers and research projects faster than ever before. Our experts can turn any lecture, seminar, interview or other recording into an accurate transcription that can be easily searched, saved and shared. Using our academic transcription services couldn’t be easier or more affordable.

If you are a student working to meet thesis or dissertation deadlines, we can help lighten your workload so that you can focus on the research and writing portions of your projects. All you have to do is create an account, upload your recordings and let our professionals go to work. In no time at all, you will receive an email notification that your transcription is ready and you can start incorporating the text into your writing or saving it for future use. We guarantee both accuracy and turnaround times, so you can feel confident that our work will meet your high standards and arrive on right on time.

Instructors and professors also use our academic transcription services to make their lectures available to students and wider audiences. Transcripts provide a great way for speakers to document lectures, seminars and presentations and turn their spoken words into documents that can be shared and published. This provides a practical way for lectures to be heard beyond the walls of academic institutions and for ideas to be spread more easily.

Students also benefit greatly from being able to access academic transcriptions. They no longer have to worry about missing an important lecture if they can’t make it to class. A transcript also provides a practical tool that helps students review lectures, study for exams and supplement their notes with any details they may have missed during the actual lecture. In addition, transcripts provide students with disabilities with equal access to important information.

Another great standard feature of’s academic transcription services is that our experts can specially format your transcript so that it is easier to read and meets all academic and citation standards. Headings and subheadings can be added to make it reader friendly and searchable, and no matter what field of study you are working in, we can make sure that your transcript is properly formatted. Our services go beyond simply transcribing recordings and provide you with expert documents that can be used for an infinite number of purposes.

While other academic transcription companies offer similar services, is the leader in providing the perfect balance of value and expertise. Our competitive pricing packages have been designed to accommodate the needs of our customers and allow almost anyone, no matter what their budget, to enjoy the superior services of Setup your account today or contact us to speak with a friendly representative who can answer all your questions.