Course Transcription

Professors and instructors love to use’s course transcription services to turn their lectures and presentations into shareable Word documents and PDF files. This allows them to spread their work, make sure that absent students are able to keep up with class and instantly turn lectures into publishable documents and that is just the beginning. Educational institutions have found a whole variety of different uses for our high quality and affordable services.

No matter what subject or grade level they teach, every instructor has to deal with the burden of a heavy workload. Most of them are trying to stay on top of mounds of grading and administrative work in addition to daily instruction preparation. The last thing they have time to do is transcribe important course materials and lectures. That is exactly why more and more instructors are coming to to take advantage of our super convenient and user-friendly course transcription services.

It takes just a few minutes to get started and in no time at all, you can receive a verbatim transcript of any lecture, film or other recording that serves as a vital component of your course. Simply create an account, choose a pricing plan that best fits your needs and your budget and upload your files. From there, our transcription professionals will take over and produce a transcript that is formatted according to your specifications. If you need to follow certain citation guidelines, we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that the transcript meets any standards that may be specific to your field of study.

Once your files are ready, you will receive an email notification that lets you know the moment you can access your files. Not only do we guarantee that your course transcription project will be completed on time, we also guarantee that the content will meet a level of accuracy that can withstand legal scrutiny. When you work with, you can let go of any worries and trust that we will handle every project with care and only return the absolute highest quality work.

One of our main goals is to lighten your workload and help you work more efficiently. As soon as you visit, you will notice how easy it is to navigate the website, start an account and upload your important files. We have taken great care to create a hassle-free user experience that requires as little work as possible on your part.

For a low, affordable price, you can take advantage of our superior course transcription services and free up time to focus on all the other demanding aspects of being an instructor. Let us help ease your workload and create documents that will serve as great resources for both students and colleagues. To get started, all you have to do is setup your account. Also, feel free to contact a representative with any questions you might have.