Transcription specializes in turning any audio or video recording into a transcript that documents every spoken word, verbatim. We are so confident in the quality and accuracy of our work, that we guarantee that your transcript will meet national legal standards. In addition, we also guarantee fast and punctual turnaround times so that you can start using and sharing your transcript almost immediately.

We have worked with a wide range of businesses, educational institutions, research organizations and individuals to help them document interviews and other audio and video recordings. Many times, our services cut down on their workload and allow them to focus on more important areas other than transcriptions and document sharing.

Not only are our services super convenient and affordable, they have also been specially designed to be user friendly. If you are already using our call recording services, you can simply opt to have your recordings transcribed and emailed to you, both as a Word document and a PDF file, at the beginning of each phone call. For new customers, all you have to do is setup an account, upload your file to our website and your transcription will appear in your email inbox.

Once you have your transcription, you can share it with colleagues, store it away for safe keeping or use it for all kinds of different documentation purposes. The choice is yours and sharing just takes a few clicks. You can also rest assured that your information is safely and securely protected and backed up on your free online account. There is no need to worry about losing access to your files or having other people gain unauthorized access to your important information.

All of our transcription service pricing plans come with a long list of standard features. Even our least expensive plan comes with custom formatting options, conference call attendance our accuracy and turnaround guarantee and available time coding. No matter how big or small your transcription project, you get to enjoy the same level of service and performance as big corporations.

In addition, offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate a variety of clients. If you have a smaller project that needs transcription, our pay per use plan may be the best option for you. You will pay a flat fee per word. No surprises and few exceptions. Just straightforward pricing that offers an unbeatable value. For those with more elaborate transcription needs, one hour, five hour and 10 hour block pricing plans can help you save money and transcribe longer recordings. The more hours you purchase, the more money you save. Still not sure which plan is the best fit for your project or your budget? Give us a call and we can walk you through all your options and provide a custom quote for larger projects. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you get setup on

Work with the best in the industry, enjoy an unbeatable value and experience the difference that can make for you and/or your business. Get started today.